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Mobile: +447956317902

Ben Cole documentary film maker from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.

I have been a freelance professional for over 20 years.

I have a great deal of experience working on feature dramas,  feature documentaries, short dramas, music videos, commercials and corporate video.


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Documentary show reel from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.

I am DoP on the British feature ‘Winterlong’ was nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Film at last years Edinburgh International Film Festival.

In 2016 I directed, Dop’d and edited a TV hour long drama called ‘Frosted glass’ about ‘Asperges syndrome’.  Winning the Silver award for best Narrative Feature at the IIFAwards in LA.

In 2017 I was DoP on a 90 min documentary on Bruce Springsteen and a similar film on Roy Orbison and his sons screened on BBC & channel 4 last Xmas.

My youth was spent as a professional actor working on Drama both on TV and Cinema and Commercials, as well as on stage in London’s West End Theater. Since the early 90’s, I stepped the other side of the camera and my work has taken me many times around the globe.

I am comfortable  in any culture from Namibian Tribesmen to Buddhist monks in China. Filming Feature drama in Pinewood Studios, to tribes in the rain forests in Brazil or on a village street in Ethiopia.

I have worked on feature films on large drama set-ups, working with 5K Raw HDR digital on my the Epic RED Camera. I have set up SFX shoots in studios, stunts in forests and worked undercover, in sensitive locations, all over the world. I am also experienced coaching actors on camera, capturing sound and interviewing those nervous corporate execs.  I am very comfortable working on high end features, with a large team and all the ‘big toys’, to a one man crew  fly on the wall style with hand-held DSLR cameras,  what ever serves the film.

I am always up to date with new innovations, which is now essential in this high quality, ever changing technology, low budget film industry.

I have worked along side amazing directors such as Nigel Cole, Michael Winterbottom, Ricard Eyre, Julien Temple and Cinematographers including Vittorio Storaro,  John De Boreman, Dewald Aukema,  and Claudio Von Planta. This invaluable experience has given me a broad knowledge of vision, performance and production, that I believe can be extremely beneficial on any film project.
 I have ‘old school’ values with modern day skills. I serve the finished film, not my own importance and have many examples of problem solving tools, which can help in stressful situations. I carry, one of my best tools, a gentle sense of humor, at all times.

Please check out my Film maker, Drama and Documentary film clips by activating the reels at the top of this page. Plus look at my other pages that feature my commercial and documentary work.

Below is
 my contact details, please drop me a line about your project – always happy to chat about which of my skills, are appropriate for your project.

E Mail:

Mobile +44 7956317902

Skype name: stevenbencole

facebook: bencolecinematography

I am most at home using high quality 5K images with my Red ‘EPIC’ Camera system:

I own a steady cam and a DJI Ronin. Plus sliders; straight and curved.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.32.46  

Or low cost 4K/HD with DSLR cameras the 4K Sony A7S2ii and a HD Nikon D800 with a full set of Nikon lenses. With a Black Magic recorder monitor giving HQ Pro Res recording back up.

I also own a GoPro 4K  with a Quad drone  and monitor

photo   Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 14.43.15

The following is an article that explains Ben’s personal mission as a all round film maker: Click each page to view: