Bruce Springsteen in his own words from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.

Promo for a series of Tree documentaries:


Music video/documentary high brid.

In 1999 and again in 2003 The directors of this double ‘Grammy’ nominated multi media project asked me to DoP their feature length films. This has resulted in filming music , culture and philosophy in over 110 locations around the globe. From the Matriarcle mountains in south eastern China to the home of Michael Stype in Georgia USA. I was responsable for the look and feel of not only music sessions but wandering the streets getting intimate scenes of each culture. I worked 7 days a week 16 hours a day for over 6 months at a time to mass over 1,400 hours of footage for this groundbreaking mix of music video and documentary.


1Giant Leap behind the scenes… from Duncan Bridgeman on Vimeo.


Tree film promo for Visions Channel from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.

Journeyman UK



A Doctor frustrated with his life of treating stressed patients with pills, returns to his ancestral lands of Estonia to experience a friendship with a MS sufferer and together they explore the healing of their lives through this shamanic journey.



A promo for an on line hub helping all who suffer from the effects of addiction. See the web site online :

Talking Addiction Promo from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.


Julien Temple, directed me as his DoP on this BIFA ʻBest British Documentaryʼ in 2007. The film was also nominated for World Cinema Documentary at 2007 Sundance festival.






1 Giant Leap_cinema cut_Palm Pictures_2002_76min from Duncan Bridgeman on Vimeo.

The TV ‘making of What About Me?’ series premiering on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network this Sunday – 19th February 2012 at 11am – Super Soul Sunday.

These two feature projects have given me the opportunity to work with many big names from Asha Bhosle, Ram Dass Brian Eno Michael Franti Maxi Jazz and Dennis Hopper.

In 2003 this project was nominated for Best Long Form Music Video at the Grammy awards ceremony and has a huge cult following all over the world.

What about me will explode your senses. It made me feel young and hopeful for the first time in years” Stephen Fry

“Two Genius Film makers” Bono

1 Giant Leap represents a genuinely ground-breaking audio-visual project of global dimensions” The Daily Telegraph


I shot edited and produced this feature which sold throughout Europe and Israel and was released on DVD in the USA. Directed and staring my twin brother award winning Commercials director Simon Cole. We travelled across America giving him many opportunities to meet God amongst the ordinary citizens of America.

R-evolution : A 60 min feature documentary


R-Evolution Trailer from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.

I shot, directed and edited this 65 min feature documentary for The World Servers Foundation. An award giving charity dedicated to educating executives towards better values and serving others. R-Evolution is a documentary observing the collision of beliefs which is bringing into focus a time of revolution and transformation in many parts of the world.
The emerging passion of young people alert to the changes and challenges of the current global conditions is given a voice, as they call on their generation to wake up and take responsibility for steering the world in a more stable direction. Is this a crucial time in the evolution of human consciousness?


“It Works’ A promo for my 60 min documentary about The Band Of Brothers:

This 60 min doc investigates the work of 30 middle aged men in Brighton who are endorsed by the probation service. Their work is transforming the lives of young repeat offenders in Sussex and leading them away from prison, initiating them from delinquent youth to responsible adulthood. Due for large and small screens and in festivals in 2013


Won best achievement in production awards at the BIFA in London in 2007. Directed by Marc and Nick Francis.


I mentored and shot for Oliver Hodge throughout production in this, his first directed documentary. Won the audience award at the Vancouver Film Festival.



I was 2nd unit DoP on this feature drama/doc. This film won The Silver Bear at Berlin Film Festival and Best British Documentary at the 2006 BIFA awards







I was commissioned to shoot, direct and edit this exhibition film for Beaulieu Abbey in Sussex. The Voice over is by Tim Piggott Smith.



‘The Last Dance’ trailer – Namibia

This is a trailer for a future David Bruce exhibition. David has been photographing these tribal elders for many years and was asked to capture this 40,000 year old Giraffe healing dance so that future generations can see their traditions. I traveled for many days into Namibian reserve to meet and film these elders probably meeting for the last time to dance and heal each other.


This is an Irish surf film I shot last year with a bunch of amazing courageous surfers:

Wet Dreams (Irish surf film) from Pockets Full of Water on Vimeo.