Music Videos


Omen is the nineteenth single released by the British electronic band The Prodigy. It was released on 16 February 2009 and it is the first commercial single from the album Invaders Must Die. Directed by Paul Dugal.



Music video for Hayley & Lift Music



Music video/documentary hybrid.

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In 1999 and again in 2003 The directors of this double ‘Grammy’ nominated multi media project asked me to DoP their feature length films.

1 Giant Leap_cinema cut_Palm Pictures_2002_76min from Duncan Bridgeman on Vimeo.

In 2003 this project was nominated for Best Long Form Music Video at the Grammy awards ceremony and has a huge cult following all over the world.

“What about me will explode your senses. It made me feel young and hopeful for the first time in years” Stephen Fry

“Two Genius Film makers”Bono

1 Giant Leap represents a genuinely ground-breaking audio-visual project of global dimensions” The Daily Telegraph

1 Giant Leap² : What About Me? from Duncan Bridgeman on Vimeo.

1Giant Leap behind the scenes… from Duncan Bridgeman on Vimeo.




This is a collaboration between an animator and live action. This Scissor Sisters promo I shot for Julien Temple. as a part of a live concert and documentary DVD which won Best Live DVD in the London DVD Awards in 2005.

Work with James Tonkin Director at IE music/ Hangman Studios


I shot a docu-music video for James Tomkin Director from IE music productions following the 3 contestants around London living the life of a pop star just like a reality TV show.

Archive ‘Live’ DVD

Archive: ‘Live In Athens’ Trailer from hangman on Vimeo.

We shot this live concert in Athens on 7 x Canon 7D & 5D’s



‘So Slow’ by Gareth Foresyth

with Caroline Carey

This is an example of what high production values can be achieved with one 5D camera and an artist in a couple of days.

My partner Caroline starred in this promotional video for her son, who sings a hit song from his first album ‘Fixed In Time’.