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Learning to make Posi’TV

I am in Warsaw in Poland studying Soul Action with my partner and during the workshop many memories of my past have been flooding back to me… I remember as a child I would lie in my bed at night trying to ignore my twin brothers question that he would repeat over and over, hungry for an answer, irritated that I did not have an answer
“If you had a million pounds what would you spend it on?”
I even trained myself to mutter “mmmm… yea… oh right” in my sleep so that I could rest. He would be angry in the morning that he had finished his endless chatter about how he would spend it and I would keep my “umms” and “ahhs” going after he had stopped talking.

It seems to me that we men have evolved the belief that life is about accumulating money, then hoarding it in a safe place and guarding it against other men, who will want to take it from us. One day we will have fought, stolen and manipulated our markets enough to have that ‘fantasy million’, then we will be happy and comfortable and …. what then…  Will we feel fulfilled, happy and content in ourselves?

In the playground at school, boys would fight for toys, little match box cars and kick each other, instead of the balls they were chasing. And they would trade in chewing gum photo-cards of our favorite football heros. We would watch these so called heros as they faked a foul and battled their way towards the goal and as long as the player got the ball in, off side or not, they would gain our worship, receive that hero status and earn over £100,000 a week.

When we all left school, some had done well academically some had cheated in their exams and some like me were only talented towards drama and art. Those, like me, found it hard to get employment.  At that time there were 6 million of us who could not get a job. We were so poor, we had to squat in derelict houses and survive on the little money we could receive from the government benefits just to survive.

Eventually after many years unemployed, I found a way of doing business. I trained to become an actor, worked hard and made very little money. I spent many years being bullied by controlling directors, seduced onto many casting couches by tired middle aged lonely women and blackmailed by dysfunctional gay casting directors. After one director tried to get me to smuggle 3 ounces of cocaine for his crew,  assuring me that I would be the hero of the film, just like my character in the script… well, you get my drift, my soul wasn’t happy. I heard a small voice steering me away from my ego towards the back of the camera,  happier to serve others egos as a humble artist film maker.

Through giving up the need to be important, I met famous musicians, scientists  and politicians who had made a lot of money and were loved by millions of people. But seeing their behavior behind their masks did not make me love them at all, most of the time all I learnt from these teachers was how I did not want to do business. (later in my life, I learnt however that these people were my greatest teachers, by teaching me what I didn’t want. )

Often these so called ‘celebrities’ would school me on how they had become rich like fatherly teachers. They would try and convince me that it didn’t matter how you get rich just that you get rich. The value of the ‘bad’ bitching about you will win over their enemies. This kind of bullshit revolted me into the belligerent evolution of my soul.
Eventually this soul of mine steered me towards a Lama from Tibet who again recognized something in me and gave me a personal mission: to make positivity into Posi-TV. I took up the challenge and began to make positive films. I began to meet what I assumed were like minded souls trying to make films with spirituality and holistic references and sure enough my soul was recognized and I was asked to work with them.
One employer saw something in me that had integrity and did not even want to see my work, saying that by just meeting me, he could tell that I was all he needed.
But over the next few years his walk was very different to his talk.

One producer of big movies sat next to me and explained how to get on in the film business:

First find someone richer than you, who is dissatisfied with his wealth. Get him to confess his problems, help him to discover that although he is rich beyond his dreams, he is also poor in his soul searching. discover with him that his friends are fed up with him making money out of their talents. Suggest that he needs you to make him a film, so that those who hate him for being rich will love him for being so creative..
Now turn on the charm and let him know that if he gives you loads of money you will be his best friend making his problems disappear. But make sure he agrees to leave you alone creatively, just put up the money and you can guarantee he will be satisfied with what you bring him back from the forest.
Next go and find some poor artists who have never seen such huge amounts of money and invite them to do the work they have always wanted to be paid to do. But warn them it will be hard, they will have to do the work of many men in a short amount of time.
Tell each person they will give you a bit of their soul’s creativity in return for just enough money for their survival. Be assured that they will understand these terms as they are used to such sacrifice for their art. When they smell how much money you have they will do anything you want, work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, put their heart and soul into their work and be grateful for just being so close to what has always eluded them.
Just remind them how poor they are and how difficult it will be for them to survive in this ‘dog eat dog’ world of business, unless they do what you say. Then sit back, relax, read a few spiritual books, watch a few DVD’s, sip some champagne and watch these poor artistic souls, take their hard earned authenticity and hunt for you in the name of truth, because for them it is true, watch as they fight for you in the name of naivety, because they are truly naive and lie for you because for them it is no lie. Occasionally visit your workers as they toil, make sure they are divided in their views of you. This will enact the “Divide and rule” technique that world leaders have been very successful with in the last 1000 years.
Then when the work is done, invite them into your office and tell them that this project would be worthless without their soulful work, when relief is written across their faces, take the gold and leave and never mention their names again. In fact if anyone cotton’s onto what your doing, sack them and keep changing the staff regularly so that it’s only you that looks like the full time worker. Occasionally one of your workers will try and make you wake up to this valueless way of earning your fortune. Then you will have to resort to calling him Gay for being so sensitive. You may even get a little hassle from deep within you. But don’t worry it will not last long as your soul can be distracted with a few luxuries. Keep this mantra written above your bed for those sleepless nights…Hey that’s business, that’s all got to be factored into the cost of what we do to survive.

If the pain of ignoring, your soul continues, go to the spiritual ones ask them for healing, confess your sins and they will give you the wisdom to see that all is perfect whatever you do. Return and launch your project. Then when the project is successful claim it was you and only you that did all this amazing work. When your associates question how you were able to pull off such a difficult task claim that you learned everything from your hand picked experts but remember to always direct the genius back to you.
If one of the people who gave their soulful skills to you turns up to complain then tell them in private that yes they are right, at that time, life was all fucked up. Your therapist tells you this all the time and so does your ex wife. But that was the past and this is now and you need to move on. Make your eyes sparkle and tell them that as you raised the money it was all your doing, your genius, that chose them to do all the work. At the last resort, wave the contract you signed with them and show them the small print which clearly states that you own their work, because you paid for it and that if they would like to hire a lawyer, it will take many years to prove, by which time no-one in this industry will want to work with them as they will have the reputation of trouble makers. Wish them luck on their journey and rest assured that they will not be able to afford the 5 star hotel you will be staying in and therefore will not hassle you further. They will be too busy trying to save the world. Now all you have to do is work out what you will spend all that money on.

Her spoke of this whilst we were floating down the Danube in a very expensive boat. I had to struggle to stop myself throwing him in the river.

I have since learnt, that many business men have these values towards business and become very wealthy. But what I want to know is what happens late one night when they can’t rest and a little voice from the part of us that knows asks…

“Where is my SOUL in all this masculine bullshit?!”

As Ekheart Tolle says “when you become aware of something it no longer controls your life…” Through these unvalued teachers I became aware and at last more ‘values educated’ people began knocking at my door.

My latest positive film sent me to Australia. I found myself filming interviews in a values education school in Newcastle. This eleven year old boy sat opposite to me and explained what his favorite value was… “Integrity”. My mouth dropped open “Who paid you to say that?” I said jokingly “I don’t really know what that word means; do you?” I stammered thinking I had been set up. He then explained what this word ‘Integrity’ meant to him. “Its like when you walk in the playground and see a bit of rubbish on the ground, you pick it up and put it in the trash because you know the difference between right and wrong, you do it even when no-one is looking…” I turned to the next boy stunned that my soul had heard his words “What’s your favorite value?” . “Oh mine is Respect” said his 12 year old friend “Its the first value you need to know its the one that all other values need…

So I ask us all where is the respect for our fellow man’s soul and where is the integrity in how we earn our money? Where has it all gone? How is it possible to earn a decent living and keep a sense of integrity and respect? Can we share the glory of our souls with each other or has it got to be all about ME and never about how I couldn’t have done it without you?

Its the same with our relationship to nature. Is it right that we wander into the natural world, rape it’s soul, dig up its body and use it in its natural naivety to make a few gadgets that will make us rich? We are now sure that the forest will never grow again, sure the air will become polluted, but who cares if we can move on to another natural place, where all it takes is money to convince someone else to dig up their patch of nature, selling it through the company in the hope that sooner, rather than later, we will too become rich enough to worry how we are gonna spend all this money?
Will we all wake up, having trained ourselves in our sleep to agree with those who want to exploit our souls wisdom for their selfish gain? And when we wake up will we find that all we have left is a small metal screen showing beautiful images of nature, whilst outside they dig up the last square mile of rain forest for the next apple computer that is as limited as the last one, only in a different way?
Do you find yourself lonely sitting in a 5 star restaurant eating too much food served by sycophantic waiters, who annoy you with their looks of jealousy and hate. Did you spend it covering up your actions and distracting your soul from listening to it’s small sad voice asking you late at night over and over again ‘what the fuck do I do now that I have what I wanted, and why does everyone only like me for my money? Why do I hate myself?’

If you had a million pounds what would you spend it on? Said my brother for the 1000th time that night! I said “I don’t know; what I want to do, is travel around the world and experience as much life as possible.” .
I have now spent a life time exploring life around the world and what I want to know is…
When you make your million, did you spend your million on you? Could you have spent it on giving opportunity to others? On teaching values to children, on saving nature, so our future children can play in a natural world and remain healthy etc etc?

Let us all re-examine our values.
Let us all ask who are we serving and why?
Let us all learn the meaning of integrity from small 11 year old boys,
Let us all earn money so that we can protect the naive, assume all are innocent until those who suspect prove they are guilty and serve others. Then maybe our souls can sleep with smiles on our faces. If we don’t, then soon we may loose the forest that we all need to live from.

Who is doing their soul’s work with the right values?

Who is wealthy and serving others?

Why do some people look content and happy?

What does revolution, with the right values, look like?

log onto

and see for yourself.

Maybe buy the DVD and show it to your communities.

Maybe our souls will talk to us again in a happy and fulfilled way making our dreams come true… maybe its worth the risk? What do we have to loose?

Maybe everything we own and all we don’t….