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I learned my skills from many of the top directors and DoP’s in the 80’s as a movie and TV actor. I was always fascinated with how a film was made and would pester the DOP’s about their techniques and problem solving.  Since 1994 I have worked as a ‘DoP’ on feature dramas, music documentaries and commercials for the large or small screen.

Over the last 15 years, I have added skills of directing and editing, which only add to my sometimes role of all round film maker, knowing what coverage is needed by an editor, what pressures the  producers and directors experience and how I can bring the varied skills needed into one film maker role. I now suit my skills to whatever the film production needs. As a cinematographer/sometime director, I never step on the toes of a director I’m shooting for, knowing 1st hand what each dept needs to do an excellent job.
In 2017 I shoot mostly in 4-5K High definition Raw files on Red EPIC Cameras through PL mount cinema lenses or 35 mm Nikon stills lenses on Sony A7Sii . Instead of the old style of dolly and track I’m employing my Ronin brushless gimble to float the camera around any obstacle. Or I do have a steady cam for those long travel shots.
Today I strive to be one of England’s top all round film makers. My work has contributed to many award winning films. (The Grammy’s, Acapulco film festival, the Huston Film festival and London DVD awards, LA’s Scare-fest and British Independent Film Awards International Independent Film Awards in LA in 2017, to name but a few).

Ben Cole


Title                                      Director                          Production Co

Carnival                            Rebecca Tranter         Hargenant Media Limited

DoP (London) shot in 2020. A drama feature that tells a story of mental illness from loosing both parents in childhood.

Steve Lukather (TOTO)            Nigel Cole                 Lonesome Pine Productions

DOP : A documentary for Channel 4 about Steve including Ringo Star and ‘Slash’ from ‘Guns and Roses’.

Love Hurts                       Nigel Cole       Lonesome Pine Productions

 DoP: A feature documentary about Roy Orbison’s children and their life with him.      

Winter Long                  David Jackson                  Nox Films

DoP:  A feature drama, story of a father and son getting to know each other. Film Festivals 2017

Bruce Springsteen        Nigel Cole        Lonesome Pine Productions

In his own words  DOP on this 90 min documentary about his life as a rock star. Channel 4 Dec 2016

Frosted Glass                  Ben Cole                           Stretch New Media

Dir, DoP, editor: A 60 min drama about a poet with Asperges Syndrome

Winner of award for best narrative feature at the International Independent Film Awards 2017 LA

Doc Martin                     Nigel Cole                          Buffalo Pictures

16mm Camera: A long running drama series set around a Doctor from Cornwall. ITV in UK and USA

Tawai                         Bruce Parry                            Quest Films Ltd

2nd unit DoP: A cinema feature Documentary investigating what we can learn from the few Hunter Gatherers left. In festivals 1017

R-Evolution                                  Ben Cole              World Servers Foundation

Director/DoP/Editor:  A full length documentary looking at the evolution of thinking that we need to change our ‘Me’ obsessed world to serve others.

The Wedding Video                    Nigel Cole                               Squirell Films

Cinematography: A comedy feature drama about love and a bride who prefers her grooms brother.

‘The Future Is Unwritten’          Julien Temple                   Nitrate Films

DoP: A Feature Documentary about Joe Strummer and his band ‘The Clash’

Selected for 2007 Sundance Film festival. Won Best British Documentary at British Independent Film Awards –  2007

1 Giant Leap /What About Me    Jamie Catto/Duncan  Bridgeman  Palm Pictures/19Ent

  • DoP on both movies and TV series
  • Two cinema feature films and a 13 part TV series for Channel 4.
  • A cutting edge feature length film, mixing music, image and documentary investigating the unity and diversity of what it is to be human around the globe over the millennium
  • Nominated for an Emmy award; Best long form music film 2004.
  • The sequel One Giant Leap 2-distributed by Simon Fuller/19 Entertainment

‘So…Help Me God’                        Simon Cole                         Sabbatical Films

  • DoP/ Producer/On line Editor .
  • A feature documentary about an English man crossing America trying to find the meaning of God in the 21st Century.

Black Gold                                       Mark & Nick Francis        Speak it Films

  • 2nd unit DoP
  • A feature documenting the plight of Ethiopian coffee growers trying to get enough to live on by selling their coffee for a fair Trade price. Selected for Sundance 2005 and in film festivals in 2007, Nominated for 2 awards at this years British Independent Film awards.
  • Black Gold’s producers won Best Achievement in Production.
  • British Independent Film Awards – Winners Announced –   2007

Calendar Girls                               Nigel Cole                               Disney Entertainment

  • 2nd Unit DoP
  • Released Sept ‘03 world wide. About a group of WI ladies, who strip off for a naked calendar.
  • Nominated for a Golden Globe and won Best Comedy Film at The British Comedy Awards

The Road To Guantanamo  Michael Winterbottom        Revolution Films

  • 2nd unit DoP with Michael filming many of the interviews with the main characters.
  • The film won best director (Silver Bear) at the Berlin Film Festival

A Woman Scorned                      Trevor Etienne                      Channel 4

  • DoP
  • Won awards at both Scarefest film festival in LA 2003 and Acapulco Black Film Festival 2001.
  • A super 16mm horror short about the hell in a woman’s scorned mind, when she discovers her best friend has slept with her guy.

The Scissor Sisters                      Julien Temple                        Nitrate Films

  • DoP
  • A DVD with a 90 min multi camera live concert, documentary and music video (2004)
  • Won best live music DVD at the London DVD awards 2006.

Garbage Warrior                          Oliver Hodge                        Future release

  • 2nd Unit DoP/ Mentor to the director.
  • This documentary recently won a standing ovation at Sundance and the Toronto film festival.
  • Ben mentored Oliver through this his first feature documentary
  • winner of many festival awards and nominated for 2 British Independent Film Awards 2007.

Corporate films:

Carphone Warehouse                Sid Wheeler                       Adjustyourset TV

A viral commercial about a collaboration between classical music and a DJ on Tablets and iPads

‘Balantine’s lifestyle’   Christian Banfield                                Schmick TV

3 short profile films showing 3 ages of executive business man who drink ‘Balantine’s Whisky’.

Seabourn Yachts        Zaheer Kaldoon                                      ASA Films

A private and exclusive yacht that commissioned us to shoot this 10 min recruiting video

Music Videos:

Prodigy                                                                                Gulp Music

I am credited with DoP and personally shot the sequences around the little girl.

Robbie Williams/Something Beautiful      James Tonkin              Hangman Studios

I shot this over 3 days reality TV style following the 3 contestants as they live the life of ‘Robbie’

Archive                                                 James Tonkin                        Hangman Studios

7 of us shot a 2 hour concert on 5&7D’s

Scissor Sisters                                   Julien Temple                       Nitrate Films

Shot this video on a finepix stills camera in movie mode before anyone was doing this with DSLR’s

This live concert and documentary won best DVD at the London DVD awards

 1 Giant Leap    Duncan Bridgeman & Jamie Catto   Palm pictures/19 Entertainment

This double Grammy nominated project spawned a top 10 charts single with Robbie Williams and Braded Hair featuring ‘Speech’ from Arrested Development.

Shot in the late 90’s and early 2000’s was recently broadcast on channel 4 and Oprah’s TV channel in the USA.

Heralded world wide as an innovative way of mixing philosophy with world music.