From Feb to March 2016:  I DoP’d a new independent feature Drama called ‘Winterlong’. Written & Directed by David Jackson.
When his estranged wife deposits his teenage son Julian (Harper Jackson) at the doorstep of his remote caravan home, solitary (though charming) poacher Francis (Francis Magee) must amend his ways, take on new responsibilities and engage with the world. But just as the two begin to bond, Julian takes a friend into the woods where an accident occurs that puts them under the authorities’ spotlight. They must make a decision that will forever change their lives.


Narrative Drama Feature
Last Year I DoP’d a British Feature ‘Winterlong’ which is nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Film at this years Edinburgh International Film Festival.


AN AWARDS WINNING drama feature about Asperges syndrome. I directed, DoP’d and edited this 56 min film.

Frosted Glass promo The Vault from ben cole cinematography on Vimeo.

Won Silver Award for Best Narative Feature at The International Independent Film Awards in LA in 2017.


A drama feature about a the mental illness from loosing parents during childhood.

Principal photography completed in June 20120.

The Cole Brothers

After over 30 years of working in the industry, I have had the privilege of shooting for top directors, but none better than my brother Nigel Cole on his most recent feature dramas. I have ranged from Cinematographer on his feature ‘My Wedding Video’, to cam B operator for David Higgs to 2nd unit op for John De Borman and 2nd unit DoP on his feature ‘All In Good Time’.


 ‘The Wedding Video’                      ‘All In Good Time                              ‘Made in Dagenham’



I shot all of the black and white news footage on a 16mm SR11.
A dramatisation of the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant, where female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination. Starring Sally Hawkins, Bob Hoskins & Andrea Riseborough. Directed by Nigel Cole.





Greenbox Entertainment’s Executive Producer: 

I was asked to become 2nd Unit DoP under Dane lawings set up.  We shot this feature in under 10 days on the streets of New York and subway.
Nick Sandow directed the feature after it’s success on ‘Off Broadway’.

“Ponies” Trailer from CreativeChaos vmg on Vimeo.

I am the Director/Cinematographer on Ms’Guided Angel. This Drama feature based on Caroline Carey’s Book